World Fringe Day

A global celebration of all that is Fringe


World Fringe Day is an annual celebration that unites more than 300 Fringe Festivals worldwide. It takes place on July 11 each year. The day was established in 2017 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Fringe movement, which originated in Edinburgh. Fringe festivals from New Zealand to Hawaii participate in this global celebration, highlighting the vibrant and diverse world of fringe theatre and arts.

We celebrate with the Artists, technicians, volunteers, venues, audiences, funders, licensees, festival staff and EVERYONE who is part of making a Fringe Festival happen!

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World Fringe Day 2024

Theme – Freedom of Language

Artistic expression transcends language barriers. The World Fringe Family uses dialogue and exchange to celebrate diversity in all its forms. During World Fringe Day our words will be used as a bridge, not a barrier. Freedom to express as we work toward a more interconnected world.

Language is not neutral; our words can heal or harm, unite or divide. Fringe Festivals challenge the norm, provoke thought, and ignite conversations where art, politics, and ideology collide.

World Fringe Day 2023

World Fringe Day 2022

Theme: Why is Fringe Important to you?

World Fringe Day 2021

Theme: Show us your Fringe.


World Fringe Day 2020

World Fringe Day 2019

World Fringe Day 2018

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