Happy World Fringe Day 2017!

Have a great Day everyone 11 July 2017!

The most remote Fringe in the whole world asked Holly from World Fringe to join them on their beautiful island to experience the Fringe and give an award to them for being 5 years old!

Holly said “I arrived after a 15 hour journey to pipers welcoming me off the most majestic ferry trip I have ever been on!”

“It was such a delight to see Terry Costa the Fringe Director, who I hadn’t seen for nearly two years,Lots of hugs then off for some wine, dinner and a dance at the local fiesta, where I sampled the most potent shot for fruit liqueur, delicious and effective!”

“This is a very special Fringe festival, that is welcoming and unique. It has a whole Artist in Residents programme that is for creatives to immerse themselves int he sculpture park/vine yard and create. The Fringe welcomes so many nationalities to its Festival. it is such a close community that you can stop for lunch in the square on Pico Island, see other Fringers walk past who join you, then more and more until you have taken over the whole restaurant with one long Fringer lunch table! So much interaction, friendliness and support here. go go go!!”

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