What Fringe Next?

Friday 21 August  2015 11am

Fringe Central, Edinburgh

Performers where should you go next? What touring opportunities are out there?

A fascinating insight to other Fringe Festivals from a performer’s point of view. Meet and hear from performing companies and venues who have recently experienced other Fringes. The ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. What’s it all about and what do they offer? How was it for them and should you go too?


Street Arts – Where To Go Next?

Friday, 21 August  2015 12:45pm

Fringe Central, Edinburgh

Performers join a discussion set up specifically for Street and Outdoor Artists, to hear from a panel of industry professionals about career development opportunities, touring destinations, how to progress and reach new audiences. This talk is a chance for programmers and festivals who book outdoor work to meet the artists and hear the issues.  A great networking opportunity with like-minded people – Street Artists and programmers welcome!


Fringe Festivals Around the World

Friday 21 August 2015 2:30pm

Fringe Central, Edinburgh

A chance to meet and hear from Fringe Festival directors around the world. Join the discussion and get the insights, hear why they’re important and how they differ. Ask a question on how you could take part and tour to more destinations. Past Fringes include San Diego, Brighton, Hollywood, Grahamstown, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Montreal and more! Come meet the Fringe producers – a great networking opportunity.

Amber Hasler – Perth Fringe

Xela Batchelor – Pitsburgh Fringe

Lydia Zanetti  – Auckland Fringe

Anita Bigsby – Ludlow Fringe

Natalia Barrett – Somerset Fringe

Adam PotryKus – Stockholm Fringe

Amy Blackmore – Montreal Fringe




October 2015

Theatre Trust

London Fringe ASSEMBLY is a networking event of Fringe Festival producers and managers. Hosted by World Fringe it includes discussion led workshops for local, national and international Fringe festival leaders. The invited gathering of industry professionals will share knowledge, learn about best practice, address current issues and strengthen their organisations. Professional development and cultural connection will be at the heart of the ASSEMBLY, and encouraging the generation of quality performance as the goal.