World Fringe is a membership organisation supporting Fringe Festivals to provide a valuable & meaningful space for artists to express & perform.

Membership fees are new for 2019 and currently for Fringe Festivals only. The decision to create a nominal fee for Fringes has come out of consultation and request from Fringe Directors and producers across the world who want to enable World Fringe to do more for their Festivals and as a sector as a whole.

World Fringe has developed services and schemes that aim to strengthen and bring the sector closer together. The strategy is to connect deeper with Fringe Directors and producers as well as the performers and audiences and explore the opportunities they represent. World Fringe will still run a comprehensive listings page of Fringes for free and all the social media will be free as it is now.

Membership for Fringe Festivals include:

  1. Being a part of a professional network of over 250 Fringe Festivals world-wide
  2. Fringe Advocacy – Country based Councils, Consulates, Embassies, Media, Fundraising. Promoting Fringe news via social media platforms and website
  3. Enabling a strong and connected Fringe sector –  keeping the conversation going between Fringes year-round, including sharing news, ideas, policies and updates
  4. Up-to-date database, map and listings
  5. Resources, including a shared Drive of Policy Documents and infinitives
  6. Support for Mini Cons, Fringe meets between Congress years
  7. Support for new and developing Fringe Festivals. 1 hours free consultancy via or in person
  8. Monthly Directed Topical Discussions – via online meeting platform (via
  9. Every 5 years the Fringe Festivals will receive a 5-year achievement award to display on their websites
  10. Letters to funders, stakeholders and municipalities to explain the importance of Fringe, the economic impact they have, the place-making and cohesive opportunities they represent and that their Fringe is part of a global movement
  11. Welcome letters to World Fringe events and short brochure copy text for Fringe guides
  12. Free access to World Fringe Assemblies and meetings
  13. World Fringe to maintain as Lead partner of the Fringe World Congress
  14. World Fringe logo in guide as a partner of your Fringe Festival


Membership will be paid for with schemes and benefits tailored to their needs, size and income.

Festival size categories

Cost per year

1 – 99 events


100 – 399 events


400 – 999 events


1000 plus events


2000 plus events


 Events = Individual productions listed in your guides NOT individual performance dates/time-slots

World Fringe reassures its partners and members that it will not make a profit from Fringe Festivals all profits from membership fees will go back into making World Fringe a more valuable organisation.

World Fringe Membership

You will get a receipt for payment via PayPal. If you require an invoice then please email 


Membership Steering Committee:

Thank you to our steering committee who give us guidance and support

Michele Gallant
Calgary Fringe
Julian Caddy
Brighton Fringe   
Kevin Charles Patterson
Founder / Executive Director
San Diego Fringe
Festival (USA & MEXICO)  
Sasha Tilly
Festival Manager
NZ Fringe
Kerri Glasscock
Festival Director & CEO
Heather Croall
Director and CEO
Adelaide Fringe  
Davide Ambrogi
Producer Manager
Rosie Dwelly
General Manager
Prague Fringe
Jill Roszell
Canadian Association of
Fringe Festivals (CAFF)
  Amy Blackmore
Montreal Fringe