Developing a Fringe

World Fringe can provide a consultancy service for the festival start-up and festivals needing a change or review. We offer consultancy on tailoring a festival model and structure to work towards your objectives.

We will use our festival experience to help you build a successful framework that will fit with your local community, your stakeholders, and help discover your potential audience.

Please get in touch if you are thinking of starting a Fringe in your area as we can advise on viability, scope and timescales at

We can review an established festival, give advice, troubleshoot and support. For new Fringe Festivals, we offer a ‘free’ first session and discussion, after this, we plan charges according to budgets and resources.

Starting a Fringe
There are 3 main things you need to know when starting a Fringe – Who are your stakeholders?

1) Know your venues

2) Know your performers

3) Know your audience

4) know your local authority

5) know your potential funders

Why start a Fringe?
Think about why you want to develop a Fringe Festival. What is your motivation?

How would you describe your Fringe to stakeholders?

How big is the town/city the Fringe will be in?

Are there other Fringe Festivals in the area? Do they know about your plans?

What is Your Fringe about?

Is your Fringe a Fringe of another festival? If yes what festival and are they aware of your plans?

What governance structure and Fringe model will you use?


We also provide consultancy on…

Business Development

Audience development, business plan outlines, strategic development, troubleshooting, International partnerships and liaison

General Management

Staff structure, timelines, project planning, artistic direction, database management, event planning, budget outlines, registration terms and conditions and procedures

Funding Streams

Sponsorship, advertising income, funding applications, business liaison, in-kind support

Box Office

Box office solution advice and recommendations


Programming, communication and management, temporary venues and site locating, venue guide questions and structuring

Outdoor Events

Programmes Liaison with sponsors, programmers, local government departments, local agencies


Media advise and press release structure, press packs, contacts

Volunteer Management

Volunteer organisation and policy advice