World Fringe Day – Fringe Photos 2017

World Fringe

World Fringe Day – Fringe Photos 2017


Fringes Around the world are celebrating 70 Years of Fringe with photographs of their team


Azores Fringe – The remotest Fringe in the World

Azores Fringe – The remotest Fringe in the World By Sandra Henriques Gajjar, February 2018When I was invited to attend the 5th edition of the Azores Fringe Festival in 2017, I immediately said yes. The Azores had been rising in popularity as a tourism destination and I, as an Azorean and a travel blogger writing about sustainable cultural tourism at Tripper (, was intrigued. How do you pull off an alternative festival on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? I had questions about budget, about people’s acceptance of out-of-the-box events, about space (actual physical space) and scale.
Islanders are used to embracing the new and the unexpected, but it takes a certain dose of healthy craziness, perseverance, and stubbornness to put together an event like a Fringe Festival, even before knowing if it will stick around for long. It also takes a lot of love and passion for what you do. But I’m sure this is not new to anyone who is a part of a Fringe Festival or who …

World Fringe Day 2018

World Fringe Day celebrates the producers an artists of Fringe Festivals across the world. Brilliant, inspiring, passionate and wonderful people!

World Fringes’ World Fringe Day 18 was supported by Encore Insure @Fringeinsurance @WordFringe endorsed performer public liability insurance!
Holly & Cath from World Fringe did back to back interviews Fringe Producers and Artists for 11 hours back to back! Interviews can be found on World Fringe website homepage

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Jem Rolls has done more Fringes than probably anyone else in the world

Jem Rolls has done more Fringes than probably anyone else in the world…  Here is his response to his amazing journey!

I’ve done 116 Fringe Festivals in 14 cities in Scotland and Canada has only Alex Dallas done more Fringes? probably but it’s hard to tell, when she can’t count to a 100 … I first did the Edinburgh Fringe back in1996 with John Anstiss and Mc Jabber it was a colossal leap in the dark I was running a weekly poetry cabaret in London [every Thursday for 5 years] and it was my show, Big Word I did the vast majority of the work the flyering, the blagging, the unfiascoing and we got massively better every day and ran round like crazy doing every show we possibly could and we did not fail or give up or lose money … and I discovered I’d missed my vocation as a second-hand car-dealer or life-insurance salesman for if you can sell a poetry show in August on the Royal Mile you can sell anything anywhere … and our accommodation officer was living in a shrubbery.


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